Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a counselling session last?
A counselling session lasts for fifty minutes.
How often should I attend counselling?
It is strongly recommended that you attend on a weekly basis, and avoid cancelling appointments unless absolutely necessary. There may be times when you would rather avoid your appointed session, it is best to attend at such times and to tell your counsellor how you are feeling. This is often rich material for you to work with leading to an even deeper understanding of yourself.
How long will I have to come for?
This varies from person to person and the counsellor will explore this with you during your first session. The work will be regularly reviewed and you will be offered ample opportunity to renegotiate the length of the work.
What can I expect from my first session?
There is nothing to be afraid of. The counsellor is just another human being the same as yourself, who understands life's difficulties, they are not perfect people and do not have all lifes answers, but do however have the ability to help you on your way to finding your own.

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