About Counselling #01There are times in all our lives when we feel unable to cope. Sometimes the causes of our problems seem fairly clear, at other times our problems are difficult to understand and as much as we try we can find no answers. Talking to a Counsellor who is an impartial other can help us to shed light on these unfathomed places, helping us to work through our personal difficulties and find new ways of coping with life's inevitable struggles.

"It is not so much man's experience which troubles him, but his perceptions of his experiences that trouble him" A.T.Beck

Counselling is a talking therapy, where the counsellor listens in such a way that encourages the client to explore the meaning behind their experiences, so that the client may develop a better understanding of themselves and their lives, often discovering unrealised choices and ways of being.

A professionally trained counsellor will have been through their own process of self-realisation, leading to their own strong sense of self. This enables them to be fully present for you as they sit along side you through your own process. The skilled Counsellor will not recoil from your pain, sadness or anger, but will be fully available to you as you visit places that may be too painful to visit alone.

Your counsellor will be commited to being in a relationship with you in a non judgemental open and honest way. Some of us grew up in an environment where we may have become accustomed to adapting our behaviours to suit those around us, pleasing or protecting the people we cared about, denying ourselves of the space or opportunity to develop a sense of who we actually are. The counselling relationship is a healing relationship, offering a safe space and opportunity to be all that you are, and all that you may be.

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